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Surgical & Protective Mask

Triple Layer Surgical mask with elastic band
Three layered surgical mask of non-woven material with nose pin, having filter efficiency of 99% for 3 micron particle size.
A. ISO 13485 / ISO 9001
B. EN14683

  • N-95 Masks
    • Shape that will not collapse easily
    • High filtration efficiency
    • Good breathability, with expiratory valve
    • Quality compliant with standards for surgical N95 respirator:
    a. NIOSH N95, EN 149 FFP2, or equivalent
    • Fluid resistance: minimum 80 mmhg pressure based on ASTM F1862, ISO 22609, or equivalent.

3 ply masks 

As the pandemic takes a toll on our lifestyle, 3 ply masks have become an everyday essential. There are several types of masks available in the market but these are the most effective and offer you three-layered protection. These are designed in a 3-dimensional structure, seamless crimping and with fine, breathable material. These are used by medical professionals and are multipurpose